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Joe Weston

Coach, Executive Mentor, Leadership Facilitator, Author

Joe Weston is an international thought leader, facilitator, trainer, author, lecturer, consultant, coach, professor and—above all else—an advocate for lasting peace. He will be providing Three Strand Wellness clients with instruction in stress management as well as personal growth and empowerment. 


With a career spanning 30+ years in the fields of conflict prevention, leadership, stress management and communication, he is a highly sought-after facilitator for individuals, as well as corporations, government agencies and nonprofits around the world. His clients include NASA, the World Bank, The United Nations, and PBS.

As founder and owner of the Weston Network based in Washington, D.C, Joe has created programs in the United States, Europe, and some of the most conflict-ridden regions of the world. People from all walks of life - corporate innovators and entrepreneurs, government agencies, educators, healthcare workers, and more - have greatly benefited from Joe’s highly effective methodology. Joe has also served as an adjunct professor at Georgetown University’s Department of Government, Program of Conflict Resolution.

Joe is the author of two groundbreaking books. His first, "Mastering Respectful Confrontation," offers cutting-edge practices that can help you empower leadership skills, cultivate resilience in times of uncertainty, and transform challenges into opportunities. With his most recent bestselling book, "Fierce Civility: Transforming our Global Culture from Polarization to Lasting Peace," Joe offers individuals and organizations specific skillsets and strategies that promote respectful civil discourse.

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