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Patient / Client Testimonials

Marlene, February 2022

"Three Strand’s online zoom Yoga classes have been a lifeline for me during the pandemic. I have searched for classes like this online, but have not experienced the level of presentation of yoga as this class presents. The class times have been so accommodating for my busy work schedule and the instructor really listens to your personal goals and needs for the class. I participate from another state and I can tell you, it has been one of the best experiences of learning yoga and meditation and experiencing the benefits it has to offer. The meditation is my favorite part and from the comfort of my home , it feels like I have been transported to my happy place!  Thank you Three Strand Wellness for offering this class to all who need a convenient and safe way to practice and experience yoga and meditation in these stressful times. Having access to activities that will help us cope, especially when its available online, is truly a blessing."

Lora, February 2022

This yoga class has rescued and restored me several times. Meagan is knowledgeable and patient. Once she even incorporated ocular exercises during a yoga session, relieving discomfort and an associated migraine. The stretching is amazing. Her voice & music selection always soothe." 

September 2021

"I have suffered from depression for over 20 years, not knowing what was wrong with me-why I’m different from others. After going to other doctors, it wasn’t until I came to Three Strand Wellness that I found out that not do I only suffer with depression, but anxiety and PTSD. After being treated with TMS, I have a new song “I can see clearly now the rain is gone” by Jimmy Cliff. Thanks so much to Dr. Ifill-Taylor, John Winn and her wonderful staff.”  

August 2021

“Upon walking into Three Strand Wellness my body began to relax.  Thoughtful Jordan greeted me with a warm smile and gentle tone.  As I waited in the Meditation Room for my appointment to begin I felt grateful to be in this soothing space listening to meditative music, breathing in purified air laced with fragrant essential oils. As Dr. Ifill-Taylor escorted me to her office I noted the inviting massage room and well equipped gym both of which I will be using! The best part of the experience was the exceptional Dr. Darlene Ifill-Taylor!  Her diagnostic skills, brilliant insights, deep base of knowledge and dynamic personality are a powerful combination that have served me well on my journey.  Three Strand Wellness is a little slice of heaven in a chaotic world!”

December 2021

“Massage has always needed to be therapeutic for me. I have had chronic pain for 20 years. I’ve had massage at Three Strand Wellness, both from Sergio and Laura and each are amazing! I’m sorry that Laura’s been away-but Sergio really helped me with my pain. Thank you Sergio and Three Strand Wellness.

June 2019

“At Three Strand Wellness there is real heart and caring; it’s not just a business. I am so glad to find a place that truly believes in holistic healing. Working through my issues there has resulted in great improvements in my quality of life. Three Strand Wellness has been one of the greatest blessings of my life.”

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