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Taking a New Approach

We are creatures of habit. Doing what we’ve always done feels comfortable to us and we gravitate towards it. I’m not against this, as I’m someone who loves traditions. I love the way the holidays feel-in part because of the family traditions that accompany them. Doing what we’ve always done definitely has it’s place.

Alternatively, stepping out of our comfort zone and doing something different also has benefits that we often don’t explore.

We are often pleasantly surprised by ordering something in a restaurant that we have never tried before, going on vacation to somewhere that we didn’t think could increase our peace, or trying a new approach to problem-solving. We are creatures that are curious, adaptable and subject to growth when we stretch ourselves by taking a new approach. Our brains are stimulated, our curiosity is satisfied, we have new opportunities, and we learn more about ourselves and one another.

If the holidays have been a stressor for you, consider traveling for the holidays. If you have had an emotionally trying time in your home or apartment, change the furniture arrangement or try painting the walls a new color. If you always date the same kind of person and have been dissatisfied, try dating someone from a different culture. Travel to another part of the world, read a book by an author you’ve never heard of, or go to a classical concert even though you’ve always assumed you would not like it.

Buy a journal and try journaling-you may surprise yourself at your revelations about wonderful you.

We’re rapidly moving on through 2022. Consider walking on the other side of the street.


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