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We Support Ukraine 'On Our Feet'

Three Strand Wellness is pleased to support Ukraine by purchasing socks for our staff, and the proceeds are going to support Ukraine.

The socks are made by a North Carolina company called Defeet, who began manufacturing and selling the socks last week, and profits go to support an orphanage in Ukraine. According to the company's website, the company has connections to a local family with an adopted son who grew up in the orphanage. When his village was invaded, 53 children and staff members were forced to relocate to a bomb shelter. The company intends to donate all the proceeds from the sale of the Love for Ukraine socks to the orphanage.

The socks have sold out twice, but we were fortunate to secure an order for all our Wellness Team members. The socks feature a heart in the colors of the Ukrainian flag, with the flag colors flipped on the body of the sock to signal distress. On the foot is the text: #loveforUkraine

You can purchase your own at to help these 53 children as they experience a devastating event.

Three Strand staff - wear your socks proudly!


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