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When You Strive, You Grow defines the word Strive as “to exert oneself vigorously; try hard” and “to make strenuous efforts toward any goal”. What are you going for? Anything good that you are wanting to happen in your life is likely going to involve some degree of effort on your part.

Just as a muscle requires resistance to grow, (you can’t grow that bicep without the resistance of weight), so too our minds, personhood, bodies, spirits, finances, goals, careers and relationships come up against challenges that if not pressed through, can not flourish and grow.

What’s holding you back from better? It could be your mindset.

Believe in the good things that you are wanting in your life and strive for them despite the opposition. Challenges, Resistance, Weight, Opposition, Difficulty, Blockade, all are often in our minds. Do we believe we can get that new job, have that great marriage, be more forgiving, finish our coursework, get physically healthy, grow spiritually, repair that relationship, see the Pyramids someday? What we believe about the answer to these questions, absolutely impacts our ability to bring these quests to fruition.

Believe in your ability to grow. But to do it, you have to “make strenuous efforts toward” the goal. You have to STRIVE.


Dr. Ifill-Taylor created Three Strand Wellness as a calming, and convenient place to treat anxiety and depression - while creating an environment to encourage overall mental health wellness utilizing Yoga, Meditation, Personal Fitness Training, Nutrition, Massage Therapy, and more…

She brings extensive experience in psychopharmacology, spirituality, medication management, and wellness coaching. She specializes in Postpartum Depression, MDD, PTSD, Women’s issues, as well as Young Adults, Adults, Group, Couples, and Individual Therapy,


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