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Three Strand Wellness - Interventional Psychiatry in Charlotte NC - is a place where your emotional, spiritual, and physical wellness are nurtured and healed. We provide you with mental health support and treatment using an Integrative Psychiatric approach. That means your over all wellness - mental, physical, occupational, social, and spiritual are all reviewed in our approach to your wellness.


We offer medication management, psychotherapy, interventional psychiatry (TMS and Spravato), as well as yoga, meditation, massage, spirituality, nutritionist referrals. and referrals for physical training. We examine your whole health to help make you whole again.

While we accept patients from all walks of life, we are particularly focused to those of you in the role of taking care of others - Healthcare Workers, Physicians, Nurses, Educators, Caregivers, First Responders, Police, Firefighters, Clergy, and Executives. 

If any part of you is hurting, (Physical, Mental, or Spiritual), your general health and wellness is impacted. Your total wellness requires attention to your total self. Each of our specialists help you focus on self-care with integrative, holistic health in mind and with attention to all of the parts of you.

Three Strand Wellness was created to help you integrate

all of what makes you beautiful.

Wellness Services

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TMS for Depression and OCD
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Three Strand Wellness Massage
Three Strand Wellness Yoga
  • Treatment at Three Strand Wellness uses an Integrative Psychiatry approach which includes psychiatric medication management for depression and anxiety disorders,  but also incorporates holistic wellness approaches. For example, we may recommend Ashwaghanda for anxiety and meditation for stress management

  • Individual, Couples Therapy, and Family Therapy

  • Evaluation for treatment of medication-resistant depression & OCD using Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

  • Psychoactive treatments like Psilocybin and Ketamine (Spravato®) have been shown to treat depression.While Psilocybin and other psychedelics are not yet available in our practice, but we are seeing excellent results with Nasal Ketamine (Spravato®

  • Massage for general wellness, stress management and pain 

  • Yoga & Meditation for stress/anxiety management and overall wellness

  • Nutrition education, support, evaluation and referrals​

  • Referrals for personal physical training

Telehealth and in-person appointments are available by appointment.
For an appointment, call 980-938-5001

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Annie Goldsmith, RD, LDN, joins Three Strand Wellness as Nutritional Specialist

Annie Goldsmith, RD, LDN is an experienced and highly trained Nutritional Specialist, and is a vital asset to our Integrative Psychiatry approach at Three Strand Wellness. Her educational and professional trajectory is shaped by her strong curiosity about the ways biology and psychology interact to complement our human experience.


Annie holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Rochester in Brain and Cognitive Sciences, and attended Winthrop University for her graduate coursework in nutrition.


She has experience treating eating disorders in many settings, including partial hospital programs and intensive outpatient care. She opened her outpatient group practice, Second Breakfast Nutrition, in 2015, and is pleased to accept referrals from Three Strand Wellness.


We are thrilled to have her affiliated with our practice!

JCW Photoshop_edited.jpg

John Winn Joins Three Strand Wellness as Clinical Practice Manager

John and Dr. Ifill-Taylor have worked together in various mental health operations since they met in 2016, and his arrival here, to accept the responsibilities of Clinical Practice Manager, is a logical progression of their long-time professional relationship. 


John has an extensive background using TMS to treat drug resistant depression and OCD, and most recently trained doctors, nurses, and clinicians around the nation to use the NeuroStar treatment system. In this new role, John will supervise the Interventional Psychiatry arm of Three Strand Wellness, to facilitate exceptional patient care for our patients receiving Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), Spravato (nasal ketamine), Therapy, and Medication Management.  Congratulations John, and welcome to the team of mental health and wellness professionals at Three Strand Wellness!

Joe Weston

Author, Motivator, and International Speaker Joe Weston joins Three Strand Wellness!

Joe is a specialist in Holistic Stress Management and Personal Empowerment. He has worked with individuals and corporations on "Mastering Respectful Confrontation," a skillset he created and coaches in his first book of the same name. He brings decades of experience and skill to help our clients better manage their relationships with themselves and with others, both at home and at work. Clients who train with Joe soon discover that they are empowered toward their healthy life goals. Read more about Joe HERE.

TMS treatment for drug resistant depression

Interventional Psychiatry at Three Strand Wellness

As an interventional psychiatry practice, we have installed state-of-the-art Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) equipment manufactured by the leader in the industry - NeuroStar®. Now you can experience treatment for drug resistant depression and OCD in our comfortable and convenient office.

Spravato for Depression

Spravato® is Available at Three Strand Wellness

Three Strand Wellness is excited to offer Spravato® (nasal Esketamine spray) for adults with treatment resistant depression. Spravato is at the forefront of therapies, and is being praised for its effectiveness by professionals and the media alike. Spravato regulates feelings of happiness and sadness, and is initially given twice a week for four weeks and less frequently in maintenance doses, Ask us more about Spravato®.

Dr. Ifill-Taylor Named "40 Over 40" Award Recipient

The Charlotte Ledger, a collection of digital publications featuring news and insights delivered by experienced local journalists, has named Dr. Darlene Ifill -Taylor as one of their “40 Over 40” award recipients for 2023. The recognition is for Charlotteans aged 40 and up who are making big contributions to the region in charities, businesses, schools, healthcare, and more. Read more about Dr. Ifill -Taylor and the other “40 Over 40” recipients for 2023 here.

Dr. Darlene Ifill Taylor

Darlene Ifill-Taylor Named As "One Of The Black Charlotteans Who Are Shaping the City"

Each February, QCity Metro celebrates Black History Month by acknowledging 28 Charlotte residents who have made our city a better place to live, work and play. QCity Metro is an independent, online service whose mission is to provide news, information and commentary from a Black perspective.


Dr, Darlene Ifill Taylor
"I feel strongly that your total wellness requires attention to your total self."

Darlene Ifill-Taylor, MD, FAPA, 

Founder,  Medical Director, Psychiatrist

Dr. Ifill-Taylor created Three Strand Wellness with a great passion for helping people discover an integrated approach to wellness, both mental and physical.


She endows Three Strand Wellness's integrated wellness approach with extensive expertise in Interventional Psychiatry, medication management, TMS for drug-resistant depression and OCD, Spravato®, and wellness coaching. She specializes in Postpartum Depression, MDD, PTSD, women’s issues, as well as mental health treatment of young adults, adults, couples/groups, and individuals,

With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Ifill-Taylor continues to successfully treat individuals striving for improved mental health. She finds the work gratifying and feels called to it. 

Get Well ! Making The Wellness of Your Mind, Body, and Spirit a Priority

Dr. Ifill-Taylor has authored a helpful book with practical and meaningful advice called, “Get Well! Making the Wellness of Your Mind, Body and Spirit a Priority,” available on Amazon Books and at Three Strand Wellness. 

This book is an easy read that takes the you through steps that can improve your life - mentally, physically, and spiritually. "Get Well" offers inspirations and encouragements, establishing the practice of self-care in your life. A great book to share!

COVID Information

Woman with Protective Mask

We encourage patients to get all COVID vaccinations and boosters. If you are not vaccinated, you will be required to wear a mask while in our offices to support a safe environment.

Thank you.


Medical grade air purification is used throughout our office. Coronavirus exists at 0.125 microns, and our air filtration system eliminates viruses and other particles down to 0.06 microns. We also follow CDC guidelines for sanitizing surfaces before and after each appointment.


Image of Montford Park Building at 1515 Mockingbird Lane Charlotte

Suite 360  | 1515 Mockingbird Lane  |  Charlotte, North Carolina 28209

Three Strand Wellness waiting area
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation treatment for depression and OCD
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