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Memorial Day Memories

For most Americans, Memorial Day invites us to remember our fallen military. As we should, we consider those who fought for our country in the line of duty and gave their lives doing so.

For many, Memorial Day is  also a day in which we share and experience memories of our loved ones who were lost to us many years ago and in recent years. The nostalgia of these important people in our lives-the love they had for us and vice versa, is often palpable on days like Memorial Day. We can experience these emotions as painful or joyous or both.

As a Physician who has had the privilege of sharing in the feelings that many have for the people who they have lost in their lives, I can tell you that we do best emotionally when we can extract the blessing of having known these special people and we set ourselves towards living life the way they would have wanted us to. Striving to be our best and thriving along the way- honoring their lives with ours. I hope this for each of us in our experience of loss.

I hope your Memorial Day was warmly nostalgic.


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