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Wellness Wisdom #1

It’s a new year.

Time to take a deep cleansing breath and get ready to deliver what you’ve been carrying within you. It may be a book, a song, a program you’ve wanted to start. It may be your exercise regimen, (for real this time), getting fit-emotionally or physically, commitment to therapy, taking that class,

getting that job, joining that group or finishing school. It may be improving your relationships with others, or with yourself.

Whatever your intentions are this year, they take practice, dedicated time, and an “I’m in it to win it” attitude. Remember to to be patient with yourself. Commend yourself and be grateful for your wins, and for getting up again after your failures. Remember our advancements are rarely linear. We proceed in fits and starts - but proceed we will.

Happy 2022. Be Well

Darlene Ifill-Taylor, M.D, FAPA

Medical Director, Three Strand Wellness

Regional Medical Director, Greenbrook TMS - Charlotte


Three Strand Wellness is your one stop for Mental Health, Yoga, Meditation, Personal Fitness Training, Nutrition, Massage Therapy and More…

We are particularly dedicated to those of you who are caregivers to others, whether by profession or calling. Self-care and it’s importance, is a point of focus at Three Strand Wellness.



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